WMU Prison Party

Each year the PMBA WMU Team hosts a Christmas Party for the inmates through the Forsyth County Jail and Prison Ministry. We need volunteers each year to assist with the party. To be able to assist on that night, you need to call in your personal information such as Driver’s License, address and phone number to the PMBA office by December 5. According to the rules of the Forsyth County Prison System, you can only participate in this event if you are not currently participating in another ministry through the jail and prison ministry.

Items needed for the party: 10 large jars of salsa, 10 family size bags of tortilla chips, 10 containers of dip (i.e., cheese dip, French onion, or ranch dip); 6 veggie trays, 6 fruit trays, 20 bags of miniature candies (individually wrapped), 10 bags of cheese cubes, 10 jars of dill pickles, plus monetary donations to cover the cost of the punch, cake squares, and paper products.

For many prisoners, this is the only Christmas party they might have. That night we also try to deliver 500 hygiene bags to give out to each prisoner. For many, this is the only gift they will receive.

Help us make this a wonderful Christmas experience for all the prison inmates who attend. Call the office at 336.830.8189 if you would like to participate or furnish any of the above items.