Numerous congregations of the PMBA already partner with one or more local schools, usually those closest to their community. However, we still have schools with little or no involvement by local Baptist congregations. In times such as these, when schools are faced with financial shortages, not enough teachers, and a need for more up-to-date resources and equipment, it is imperative that congregations become involved. If we are to have any say as to how our children are taught, nurtured, and cared for by people in our school system, then we need to make our presence known in a very positive and supportive way.
How? By becoming volunteers at the school nearest your church. Schools need people who can donate an hour or two a week to “listen” to a child read; volunteers are needed in the multi-media centers, volunteers are needed to serve as proctors during testing (at all levels), volunteers are needed to help with field trips, fund raisers, etc, At one point, many teachers had a teacher’s aide to assist with their class. That is not always the case any more. Senior Adults can become wonderful assistants for local teachers; they can provide support, encouragement, and added resources.

Mission groups can collect school supplies and deliver to their local school(s) 2 to 4 times per year. This enables the classrooms to be fully stocked and the teachers will have supplies to share with all the students without having to pay for them out of their own pockets. Host a Teacher Appreciation Day for the teachers in the Spring or near the end of the school year, letting them know how much they are appreciated. If we want quality teachers teaching our children, then we need to support and encouragement them. Let our voices be heard -- in a very positive way -- by donating funds, supplies, and man-hours to make a difference -- even in the poorest schools.