A growing group of disciples create the capacity to nurture, develop and release leaders from their local church for greater Kingdom ministry. The best way to grow leaders is to do so internally and organically from within churches. We recognize that there will always be a need to hire people from outside the church for full-time and part-time roles in overseeing certain areas of ministry.
But no matter where leaders come from we are committed to helping them increase their effectiveness. The PMBA provides the following strategic learning experiences and resources that are designed for helping congregations have healthy leaders:
  • Impact Groups
  • Staff Development
  • Retreats and Conferences
  • Large Group Workshops
  • Pastoral Mentoring/Coaching
  • Retired Minister’s Fellowship
  • Pastor Support Fund



 A growing group of disciples are engaged in ministries of mercy. Because the love of God is the primary motivator for why and how we interface with those outside the faith, local churches often represent the “front lines” of helping the poor, disenfranchised and broken people of our communities.
To maximize the impact of the local churches in these types of endeavors the PMBA divides its strategic input into two major areas: Community Service and Community Support. Community Service represents ongoing ministries, while Community Support involves more specialized projects. The PMBA is dedicated to offering the following high quality, cooperative ministries of mercy:
Community Service
  • Toy Store
  • Dixie Classic Fair
  • Crisis Ministries
  • Food and Clothing Pantries
  • WMU Missions Education
  • Multi-housing Ministries
Community Support
  • Disaster Relief/Recovery
  • Hope Rebuilders
  • Special Projects



A growing group of disciples are committed to growing healthy churches. They know the components of what makes up a healthy congregation and seek to make the necessary changes to keep the church on track in fulfilling the ongoing goal of being a fully-functioning body of Believers.

The PMBA is dedicated to helping our churches become healthy, which includes but is not limited to the following ministries/activities:
  • Discipleship Workshops for All Age-Groups
  • Retreats and Special Events
  • Prayer Support/Prayer Walks
  • Church Revitalization Projects



A growing group of disciples are involved in multiplying congregations. Every church should be a world-missions outreach center. This means that churches are not only involved in such viable activities as giving to missions and organizing mission trips, but most importantly they are plugged into the process of starting new congregations here and abroad.

The best role the PMBA and other Baptist agencies can play is to directly assist churches in this Great Commission enterprise, instead of simply doing it for them. The PMBA is dedicated to collaborating with our churches and SBC entities to accomplish this Kingdom goal through the following types of ministries/activities:
  • New Church Starts
  • Church Re-Planting/Church Mergers
  • Cross-Cultural Church Planting
  • Church Planter Coaching/Consultation
  • Church Planting Projects