The Mission of the PMBA


In 2015, the Pilot Mountain Baptist Association was at a crossroads. Flush with an infusion of money from the sale of the property, the Leadership Network (our Executive Board) was faced with the pressing question of what to do with this windfall. Many wanted to build a new building or buy an existing one. The main thought behind this was to make the PMBA more of a Resource and Training Center for Baptists On Mission projects.
Others wanted to wait and reassess the overall mission and ministries of the PMBA to make sure that we were being very purposeful in the use of these funds. In the end, a decision to wait was affirmed at a Fall Leadership Network Meeting by only one vote. The Leadership Network knew at that point that the next few decisions they would make could enhance the overall missional effectiveness of the Association or accelerate its decline.
As part of the follow-up process, the Leadership Network decided to contract with Walker Armstrong in February of 2016 to do a Leadership Retreat for the PMBA on re-visioning. Walker has worked with the Association since he was a college student at Wake Forest University in the early eighties. He also has a background in both ministry and business consulting. The leaders felt that Walker was uniquely qualified to work with the PMBA at this critical juncture.
The result of this retreat was that the Leadership Network decided to refocus the PMBA around the Great Commission. Two months later they asked Walker to serve as the Interim Director of Missions to help them facilitate a total reorganization. Over the next few months Walker and the Leadership Network begin to rebuild the PMBA around a new mission.

Our New Mission

Part of our journey into revitalization was to clarify why an organization like the PMBA is a relevant and key partner with our churches. We knew that every church’s mission was to “make disciples” (Matt. 28;18-20). Since we are not a church, we sought to figure out how to help our congregations accomplish their mission. We came up with the following visual to capture what we were trying to accomplish:
This graphic symbolizes how we want to center everything we do around the life, ministry and mission of Jesus. It reflects the following new mission statement that was hammered together after much discussion, prayer and revisions:

The mission of the PMBA is to help our member churches build lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

At the heart of this simple statement is our clarifying commitment to serve our churches in a way that directly boosts their disciple-making capabilities. When we started this process, we had thirty-four different listed ministries, with many of them either being inactive or ineffective. Over the next several months we were able to cut them in half and make the remaining ones even more impactful. This was the first step in recreating the PMBA.