November 29, 2021


Craig's Comments 

Concentric circles
My ambition has always been to preach the Good News where the name of Christ has never been heard, rather than where a church has already been started by someone else. Romans 15:20
What better time to wrap up a three part series than December?! I know that many of you are busy with gatherings, decking the halls, and all of that jazz so I will not belabor this edition of the news with an extensive overview. If you missed the past two months of discussion regarding the transactional and transformational aspects of missional engagement, please revisit them on our website or in your email inbox that may still contain direct links.
Moving into the realm of translocational missions engagement may sound a bit daunting to the unengaged upon initial consideration. The word “translocational” may not even be a word that you have ever used to describe a ministry or anything else in your sphere of influence. Yet, it very well may be one of the most strategic aspects of this journey towards missional engagement that we explore. While transactional and transformational ministries are significant in the lifeblood of faith, they lack one very important aspect that is essential for a ministry to thrive and truly make an exponential impact. Multiplication! No, this is not a remedial course from that class that you neglected in grade school (not that I would ever do such a thing), but it is a vital teaching that is at the core of discipleship and biblical teaching as found in scripture.
Translocational ministry seeks to live this life of faith, discipleship, and ecclesiology in such a way that the legacy of the church marches on because those who truly follow Christ have helped others to walk with Him and multiply their faith as well. While this can have many manifestations, we are going to boil it down to church planting and multiplication. And that is where I will lose 99% percent of you. For various reasons our churches often become so preoccupied with keeping the doors open that multiplication is rarely on the radar. I’ve been there and understand exactly where you are coming from, but the example that we have in scripture calls us to a higher standard. I’m not going to unpack it fully here today, because I know that you may not survive or finish reading. What I am asking is simply that you would ask God in prayer what it is that he would have your church do when it comes to multiplying the faith in your community. Many have limitations of manpower and resources that cause them to balk at any thought of starting new works, but when we see the examples in scripture, the early church did not allow that to hinder them. They boldly proclaimed the gospel where God opened doors and planted churches in homes and public places such as Solomon’s Colonnade. (Acts 3)
There will be much more to come in the days ahead regarding this challenge, but your church can join us on this journey even today! Contact us to learn about how God is working through the Triad Church Multiplication Initiative or our upcoming cohort for microchurch leaders. There are so many opportunities for us to throw some gas on the flame of faith (don’t try that at home!) and see God move in new and exciting ways. Are you ready?

November 2, 2021


A Word from Walker

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated our 136th Annual Meeting as an Association. We had great food, music, fellowship and presentations. Our new Executive Director/Treasurer Todd Unzicker gave a stirring message for unity in mission from Revelation 5. We voted unanimously (as far as we could tell) to support our new Budget Plan for 2022, and did the same for the installation of our new officers. Overall, it was an uplifting meeting. Thanks again to Pastor Jay Boyce and the fine folks at Oaklawn Baptist for hosting us. Here is a link to view our updated ministry video:
Now, as we round the corner of winding down 2021, let me encourage you to participate in a couple of ministry opportunities. First, you will not want to miss our Men’s Banquet on November 8th at 6 pm at FBC Stanleyville. Lt. General (Ret) Jerry Boykin will be speaking on Christian Manhood and the great Gospel Blue Grass Band Chosen Road will provide our music. This will be an event that those who attended will look back with fondness and gratitude. You can click the link above, or click on the banner on
Second, the month of December brings us back around again to Toy Stores. For over 30 years the PMBA has provided toys for underprivileged kids in both urban and rural areas. If your church has not signed up to volunteer or bring toys, please contact Craig Clayton. Let’s finish out the year in a strong and faith-filled way.
Grateful to serve alongside of you,