March 31, 2021


Craig's Comments 

Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die. Psalm 103:15
Deep down there is something so refreshing about seeing life return to the flowers and trees all around us. Even a child can observe the glory of God manifested in His creation. This year Spring has a whole new meaning as we are no longer sequestered like we were last year and we can daily see life in motion. I have made a point to go on hikes and spend more time outside just to be reminded of how great our God truly is. Not to mention that I have dusted off my fishing equipment and plan to drown some worms very soon!

While this past year of battling the pandemic has undoubtedly taken its toll on so many of our lives, it is encouraging to look around and be reminded that God gives life. We can be reminded during this season of life that no matter how lifeless something may seem, God can resurrect things that once seemed hopeless. I can't fully explain this other than the miraculous hand of God.

I'm reminded of Mary and Martha upon the death of their brother Lazarus. Martha accusingly said, “Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died." We often find ourselves pre-Spring looking at the death that may surround us and wondering where is Jesus? This is a very common feeling of our sin nature when we feel utterly forsaken. Even in the Easter account we see many not understanding the plan that God had and abandoning the one they recently had hailed as the Messiah. Such is the reality of the human condition many days. We make a March Madness basketball bracket with every assurance that we know who will win it all and shortly into the tournament so many brackets have been utterly destroyed by the unpredictable.

I'm so glad that in the midst of the brokenness of life, brackets, and the aftermath of a pandemic that I can still firmly stand and proclaim that "it's Friday, but Sunday's coming!" That is far from original with me, but they are some of the most profound words ever used to express the promise of this sacred season. No matter how messy your life may get or what sin has crept into your existence, the great love of Jesus demonstrated on the cross and the power of the resurrection remains able to deliver us all from whatever heartbreaking circumstances that we find ourselves in.

Do you know that God? Has his power surged into your life and brought beauty from ashes? The promise of Easter as we celebrate this month is that He is ready and able!

We have seen some powerful examples of such recently when it comes to our PMBA churches being on mission to share the Good News of Jesus with a lost and dying world. We celebrate the launch of our newest church who is in the process of joining our association from Kernersville...Citizen's Church! Pastor Adam Pickard and his team are off to a great start and they covet your prayers as they labor to make disciples in their missions field. We also give thanks for the most recent step that our three church planting residents have taken as they have completed the Stadia portion of their assessment and training. God has great things in store for them in the days ahead! Then also we are amazed by how God has brought together our churches to help those in need through hunger initiatives like our Easter Outreach on April 1 in which we will feed approximately 800 people!

A famous wrestler was known for saying, "Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?" Whether you choose to think in terms of smelling all that God is cooking or seeing the life that is blooming all around you...don't miss out! Each of those who are engaged in the ministries that we just mentioned are very similar to you. What steps of faith do you need to take today to engage in the mission that God has for you? If we can help you take these steps of faith and mission, contact us today.

May the fullness of Easter fill you this season and always,