October 28, 2020


Craig's Comments 

"...choose today whom you will serve...But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord." - Joshua 24:15

It is November in an election year! We have so many decisions to make as we seek what is best for our nation. We have already had so many polarizing issues this year with the fallout from Covid-19 and racial tensions. I met with a pastor recently who has continually worked to minister and serve a congregation with many different opinions as to how their church should respond to the pandemic. We all find ourselves in this whirlwind of decisions with varying implications that often seem as if there is no clear cut right or wrong.

As I write this you can be assured that I'm not here to answer those questions for you. The bottom line is that we all must consider what it means to "serve the Lord" as we read in Joshua. You would never think that there would be so many vastly different opinions on such, but that is where we find ourselves. A social media meme said recently, "I would never have dreamed a few months ago that one of my greatest pet peeves would be when people don't wear their masks correctly." This is not a commentary on masks, but simply that times have changed drastically and we must "choose this day whom you (we) will serve." This may have many applications as we attempt to seek first the Kingdom of God and love our neighbors as ourselves.

My favorite alternative to the confusion and angst of politics and health observations is serving God and my neighbor. Its amazing when we choose to turn our eyes upon Jesus and serve others that the dark cloud of depression tends to dissipate. While there are many limitations related to the pandemic, the Great Commission remains in effect.

God is doing so much as many of our churches have resolved to continue serving and loving our neighbors in significant ways. We have sent updates via constant contact, social media, and other ways to spread the word about our Thanksgiving hunger outreach, the eight Toy Stores serving across the Triad, Backyard Bible outreaches, a new group serving Unreached People Groups locally, church planter training, and many other opportunities of service.

We remain excited and optimistic as so many are finding their niche of service across our PMBA churches. We also continue to be available for those seeking assistance when it comes to connecting with their community in existing or new creative approaches. So as you continue to consider whom you will serve during this season of great need, how will God use you to transact, transform, and translocate His great love by means of the Good News of Jesus Christ?

Hands to the plow,