June 1, 2020


Craig's Comments

Then he asked me, “Son of man, can these bones become living people again?” Ezekiel 37:3
No matter which direction that you choose to look right now, it is easy to find yourself wondering “can these bones live?” We have now endured weeks of quarantine and limited social engagement with the ripple effect of extreme limits upon our faith gatherings. As if this was not enough, we now find our nation embroiled in a wave of violent protests following the tragic loss of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
Undoubtedly, I could go on listing the challenges faced right now, but so many of us are living it daily and are keenly aware. While there is some movement towards churches opening and life slowly returning to a new normal, it would appear that many obstacles remain for the days ahead. We may not be looking out upon a field of dry bones like Ezekiel, but the current socio-political outlook is rather bleak making hope a rare commodity.
So what principles do we glean from Ezekiel? We see in this context that Ezekiel remained in close dialogue with his God, preached God’s Word over the bones, and received God’s Spirit. As we just celebrated Pentecost once again on May 31, our reliance upon God’s Spirit remains essential. The fruit of the Spirit is crucial as we consider the importance of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
How will God’s Spirit choose to work in and through your life as the floodgates for the gospel begin to open once again? Remain prayerful as we look towards this Summer and our Missions Blast in August. Continue to explore with us needs in your community as we pray toward serving elementary schools, inner city poverty, and other needs. A few churches have agreed to serve as anchor churches in this season of mobilization: Center Grove, Old Town, Two Cities, and Walnut Cove. Their missions ministries have graciously agreed to remain available for any church needing some help in making these community ministry connections.
May God grant you a renewed vision this Summer as we walk by faith together as PMBA churches,