November 1, 2022

A Word from Walker

Over the last 15 years one of the key life lessons I have been seeking to apply to my life is learning how to be more adaptable. It is not that I haven’t been adaptable before that time, but I think I just needed to see change as a segway to new opportunities rather than just a begrudging reality. This is especially applicable when it comes to unexpected change. I am sure this is no different for anyone else that is reading my article. We all like change that we plan, but it’s often hard to accept it as a pathway towards unexpected blessing when it seemingly overturns our lives. But like the turning of the tides change is inevitable. The key therefore is to find ways to not fight change (unless it is unbiblical) but use it as a lever for growth and development.

For the PMBA, part of this looks like changing our name to Triad Church Network. The Board believes that this new name better reflects our geographic footprint and our forward-looking plans to expand our reach. Our Messengers agreed with this two weeks ago at our Annual Meeting. We will be keeping Pilot Mt. Baptist Association as our legal 501-C-3 designation to honor our past, and in January we will be switching over to our new name. You will be hearing more about this over the next several weeks.
For me, there are other changes coming that not only impact my life but also the Association. During the past 3 ½ years I have battled two chronic illnesses that have taken a toll on me. I have worked hard at various strategies to mitigate these challenges, and at times I have experienced some slight relief. Yet overall, these illnesses have been my unwelcomed and honestly, unrelenting companion. In the Summer of 2021 I was talking with my good friend Rick Hughes about this and he made the observation that I was like a person seeking to constantly swim upstream rather than learning how to flow with the current. Since that time, I have sought to incorporate that wisdom into how I processed my health challenges. This past Spring after a very rough patch Gina and I delved into the possibility of me retiring from the Association. After a lot of prayer and counsel we decided that this was the right decision. I informed the Board of this in May, and since that time I have been working with them and the Personnel Team about the next steps that we should take to insure the ongoing stability and prosperity of the PMBA.
What we have come up with is for me to work until we get a new Executive Director and then stay on if needed to help them acclimate to the new role. The Association is in good shape and is poised to move to an even greater dimension of effectiveness. I am thankful to God to have had this opportunity to serve at the PMBA. Some of my most fruitful ministry has occurred during the last 6 ½ years. Many of you have known about my challenges and have offered your care and support. For that I am very grateful. Now, I start to move into a new phase of my life. I look forward to what God has in store for me and this wonderful network of churches.

Your fellow servant in Christ,