June 29, 2022


Craig's Comments 

“Son of man, can these bones live?” Ezekiel 37:3
Have you ever considered how many different responses God would have received if He had asked this question of more than one person? We all know Ezekiel’s reply, “O Lord God, you know.”
smithprayerwalk1Most religious people would simply say, “No way, Jose!”
The devout news aficionado may say, “I saw a story recently about how that valley was full of dry bones and there had not been life there for years! So, of course, they cannot live.”
The secular person void of faith might observe, “Scientifically that is 100% impossible by any stretch of the imagination. Empirically there is insufficient data for such.”
Maybe you can think of many other replies that would be heard in a crowd of people posed that same query. Ezekiel chose the road of faith and simply acknowledged that God alone knew the future of those bones. Do you realize this same scenario takes place right here where we live?
impactyadkin1Can there be life in East Winston?
Can a church be planted at Waughtown Baptist?
Could a work be started among the gangs of Winston Salem?
Can three churches be planted among the Hispanic population of Winston in one year?
Can unchurched people be reached in Germanton Park?
Could the Gospel be shared among the prisoners of this region to such an extent that over ⅓ of the population attends chapel services every Sunday?
providence place outreach 1I could go on and on with examples of the many ways that God is moving among us. So many rush to answer such questions with a resounding no, but have you tried? Have you asked God what He wants? Even when the objectives may seem outlandish? Faith is often far beyond the scope of our comprehension. Seeing dry bones live would be a stretch for most of us, yet God is ready to do so even today.
We want to continue to champion such opportunities as we encourage people and churches to embrace Summer Serve!
July 10th - 14th - Multi-cultural VBS Triad Journey Church
July 16th - Rise Academy Mentor Training
cityparkoutreach1July 17th - Jail Ministry Training, Old Town Baptist Church 3pm
Every Wednesday - Backyard Bible ministry in Germanton Park
Ongoing - Mission Center NC, Healing Ministries, and other local organizations have many exciting opportunities on a regular basis.
centergroveoutreach1These are just a sample of all that God is doing to mobilize His church to make a wonderful impact in the community. Opportunities abound in the surrounding region and we remain available to help anyone connect as they sense God leading them to serve.
Contact us today!
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