May 9, 2022


A Word from Walker

Like all of you, I am grateful for the upturn in temperature. I have noticed lately, as I sit on my front porch, that my neighbors are coming out more often. It is like mammals emerging from their winter hiatus. I don’t see them frolicking in their front yards, digging for roots or foraging for berries, but you get the picture.
Even if you would say that we don’t, “technically,” hibernate, we do at the very least change with the seasons. Some rotate their wardrobes. Others get out their golf clubs, tennis rackets or fishing equipment and do some sort of preparatory work. Regardless of your interests, everyone makes adjustments in anticipation of a change in the weather.
Churches, networks and ministries must do the same. We cannot afford to rest on our laurels or be one-dimensional if we are going to make disciples in an increasingly unstable and secular culture. When it comes to seasonal ministry shifts like this, I think about Backyard Bible, led by Sherri and Rodney Montgomery. During the winter months they camp out at Brookhaven Baptist Church. Once the weather warms up, they relocate to Germanton Park. Their adaptability enables them to do effective year-round ministry.
Likewise, the PMBA has to make adjustments. When one door closes in a ministry, God opens another. If we are aware of the emerging opportunity before us and seek his wisdom, we can quickly and intelligently pivot and see ministry occur in an ongoing fashion. Such is the case for our Leadership Development Focus Group. Almost all of what we have done in the past has been about creating excellent events that would encourage pastors and their spouses. With all of the changes that have occurred as a result of the Pandemic, we have discerned a shift away from this and an increasing need for more one-on-one care. We already were offering an intervention model for pastors or their family members in which each church could receive six free counseling sessions at a local Christian counseling center.
Although this intervention model has been very successful, over the last several months we picked up on the need for a more proactive method of assistance. We are calling this LeaderCare. In this approach, a pastor or ministry leader participates in eight free sessions with a Christian psychologist and minister, who helps them assess, learn and plan over key areas of their lives. We are just finishing a beta test group of nine people and have gotten great feedback from these participants. We will roll out the revised version of this soon. If you are interested, contact me at the office and we will get you registered.
This month also marks the sixth year of my service as your Executive Director. We have seen a lot of changes occur, and God has graced us with many achievements. I want to personally thank all of those who have given of their time, talent and treasure to see the PMBA move forward in our mission. We have much more work to do. Let us know how we can be of further service.
Your fellow servant in Christ,