April 4, 2022


A Word from Walker

Oftentimes, we move through life so quickly that we miss opportunities to revel in God’s creation, enjoy his blessings or connect more deeply with others. This need to slow down hit home with me the other day as I was picking up sticks in my backyard. My dog, Beau, was playing “grab-the-stick” every time I tried to throw one into the woods. He then would run around in circles in joyful exuberance as if he were winning some kind of contest. At first, I became aggravated with him for interrupting the progress of my work, but then something made me pause and reflect. I noticed the sheer joy on his face as he engaged me. Then I began to notice how green the yard was and how blue the sky seemed. The crisp air felt invigorating, and I became aware of how peaceful I felt at that moment. I let go of some worries as I stood in the same spot for about five minutes just soaking in the glory of that afternoon.
But, the idea of rest is good in principle but hard to actually implement. Spring brings with it a ramped up need for cleaning up and clearing out. For example, my wife and several family members have been working diligently in preparation for an estate sale of her mom’s property. She is really good at this type of thing, but I know she will be glad when it is finished.
It is so easy to stay busy doing important things, one after the other, that we wake up one day to find that it has been a while since we truly rested. God rested on the seventh day from his creative endeavors (Gen. 2:2-3). He didn’t need to rest but modeled it for us so that we would fix a time in our week when we could enjoy the peace and wisdom that only resting can bring. I am reminded of how poorly I do this, but I am working on it because I really need it on so many levels.
I hope that you make rest a part of your regular weekly rhythm. To lead renewal in your church, you need to be a renewed person, and this can only come through the strength that the Lord can bring. I wish for you and your family a restful, renewing Easter Season.
Your fellow servant in Christ,