Calvary Baptist Church
5000 Country Club Road, WS NC 27104
Meal Cost
$10 per person

Glazed Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Scalloped Potatoes with fresh chives,Southern green beans, crusted yeast rolls with butter,cream cheese carrot cake, coffee/tea/water
Please call Alison or Karen at 336-830-8189 and let us know how many meal tickets you need and put us a check in the mail for the amount you order.
If you don't know how many messengers you are allowed, the formula is as follows:
3 for the first 100 members plus 1 more for each additional 100 members plus 1 for your pastor.
Example: 148 members=3 messengers plus pastor =4;287 members=7 messengers(any number over 51 can be counted as another 100) plus pastor =8

You can also order your ticket thru PayPal by clicking the button below.